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Specialised Therapist

Scar Tissue Release (STRAIT), Oncology Scar Specialist (RESTORE)
MLD – Manual Lymph Drainage (Casley Smith), Combined Decongestive Therapy Level1, Level2
MFR – Myofascial Release,  Neurogenic Stress Release

I have always been interested in helping people gain relief from discomfort and pain in the most natural way possible. When my husband started to receive manual lymphatic drainage to help with health issues (lymphoedema, venous oedema, cellulitis), l could see how powerful direct therapy could be. Through this lived experience, I pursued specialised training for manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, scar tissue release and neurogenic stress release. I researched the various treatments vigorously, further expanding my knowledge. 

Having this range of training and the various experiences it has offered, has enabled me to care for clients with multiple health concerns.

During the COVID lockdown period here in New Zealand, it became clear there was a need to check in and help my existing clients and friends. It was a privilege to be able to open an online clinic enabling me to connect with clients not only here, but around the world. This activity alone opened new avenues for my clients to learn more about their own bodies, as well as providing a means for them to investigate alternative therapy opportunities. 

More recently I became qualified as an Oncology (Cancer) Scar specialist which has helped me to reach out to many people in our community. I have been able to help them learn how to put themselves ‘back together’ after their experiences in the roller-coaster world of procedures and harsh cancer treatments. 

Around the world, this specific practice has gained momentum by leading practitioners such as Emma Holly (UK) and Marjorie Brook (Restore, New York), who use the STRAIT method.


I am excited to announce that 2024 will mark exciting changes. I will be delivering a “Specialised Release Therapy” course to spread further education about scar, lymphatic and fascia rehabilitation to like-minded professionals and individuals who share a passion for a more natural approach to healing.

If you would like more information on any of the treatments l provide or of the ‘Specialised Release Therapy”, please contact me at: admin@samlydentherapy.com

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