Before & After Treatments

Broke arm (Aged 11)
Initial Treatment – surgery, metalwork, stitching got badly
infected and blow the scar out with swelling, greatly restricted
movement since accident
After treatment – full ROM no more reminder pain, feeling lighter
Scar age – 12 years
Treatment – x1
Feedback – I thought nothing more could be done for my arm, not
having to feel the tightness, itching and pain that kept reminding
of the accident has been life changing.
Bowel cancer scar – Causing bloating, discomfort for over 35years
After treatment – No more itching or tightness on or around the
scar tissue. Belly half the size, felt like her stomach had settle more comfortable better when wearing clothing.
Scar age – 35 years
Treatment – x2
Feedback – l never thought anything could be done about it so
l am amazed to see my stomach go down and not to feel the
tightness any more.
Lower leg broken bone
Initial Treatment – Leg was set in a cast, while in hospital trying
to heal she caught Necrotizing Fasciitis.
After treatment – No more itching, a lot more movement, not cold
any more
Scar age – 6 years
Treatment – x2
Feedback – so nice the itchiness has gone and the pressure
of the scar has lifted.
Car accident went through windscreen lost large piece of
forehead could not be reattached
Initial Treatment – skin pulled together. Loss of sensation and
eyebrow growth.
After treatment – Forehead no longer feeling tight when
stressed, headaches have eased, sensation through the forehead,
eyebrow starting to grow back.
Scar age – 4 years old
Treatment – x2
Feedback – l thought l was going to be stuck with the feeling of
a 1980;s sweat band, Sam has given back my forehead its feels
great its just feel normal again.
Tummy tuck – lots of pulling, pinching discomfort and swelling.
After treatment no more itching, pulling sensation.
Scar age – 12years
Treatment – x1
Feedback – only after scar treatment did l realise how restricted
the scar feels and how tight my stomach felt because of it. I feel
C-section scar – result of a traumatic birth (50 hours in labour).
Results – constant discomfort on the scar especially when
coming into contact with electric or banding from clothing,
random dull and sharp pains around the abdomen.
After treatment – Scar is no longer tethered or producing
tugging feeling, no more discomfort or random pains
Scar age – 3 years
Treatment – x2
Feedback – the area is so soft, nothing l wear l now brings my
attention to the area, l feel l can move freely now
Small cyst removed from chest
Results – Keloid scar that stretched across his chest, feeling
ripping every time it moved, covering over the area for years, limiting him physically/mentally.
After treatment – Relief, starting to feel connected to the area more,
generally happier not feeling the discomfort he had for years.
Scar age – 8years
Treatment – x4
Feedback –
Burst appendix – Years of pain and discomfort wearing belts, clothing.
Had been living with IBS most of his life, the operations and adhesion
would have complicated things.
After treatment – no more tugging feeling, discomfort when eating,
regular motions, general feeling happier in the belly.
Scar age – 54 years
Treatment – x1
Feedback – after all the years since the operation l thought that how
it always was going to be, l only came i for my hand scar when Sam
found out about my belly scar and offered to release it lets just
say l am so pleased she worked on this scar it has never felt like
it used to every again
Car accident
Initial Treatment – Multiple surgery’s and corrective surgeries over years.
After treatment – Her leg is not feeling as heavy, can move a lot better
and a lot less tugging along and in the scarring.
Scar age – 34 years
Treatment – x4
Feedback – l thought l was stuck with the pain, not being able to
walk far before the scaring started to hurt to much. It has been
so nice not having to have another operation on my knee since
Sam started work on releasing the scar and the rest of my leg.
Mastectomy – Lots of itching, pulling, tightness, lack of ROM
After treatment – no itching, lots of movement and feeling of
lightness in the and round the arm and armpit
Scar age – 9 months
Treatment – x2
Feedback – The whole are feels lighter l feel l a can heal much
better now and a lot of the time l forget it it is there.
Skin graft taken from thigh placed on shin.
After treatment – no longer painful to walk, no itching or pulling,
skin no longer drying out.
Scar age – 4 years
Treatment – x4
Feedback – i thought l was stuck with the pain every time l walked
or moved my leg, the scar has a lot more movement and even
less numbness
Childhood – investitive surgeries, corrective surgery
associated PTSD from the event. 20 years continually got infections
inner ear/throat
After treatment – feeling a lot loser throughout the throat and neck,
released a lot of emotions associated to the traumatic even as a child.
Scar age – Over 20 years
Treatment – x2
Feedback – l feel happy that the scar has changed and is lighter,
emotionally it feels that a lot has been released at the same time.
Throat cancer
Initial Treatment – Chemo & Radiation
Results – trouble swallowing, lack of movement when turning
her head, tightness in the neck all the time. Feeling very giddy a
lot of the time.
After treatment – feeling loser in the whole neck, eating less liquid
food much better now being able to produce more saliva, less
numbness, whole area to feel so much freer.
Scar age – 9 years
Treatment – 6+
Feedback – Having treatment has changed my life on so many levels
when l eat, swallow, go for walks, having movement when l turn my
head with out feeling like l am going to faint and being able to
do my jigsaw puzzles much better and for longer!
Results – Constant itching, lack of movement in the neck hard to
turn to the left, tugging discomfort.
After treatment – implosion was released, no more itching, full
movement when turning the head, multiple stich material was released
Scar age – 3 years
Treatment – x3
Feedback – I can enjoy reading again now my neck can move, it also means l am more confident when driving knowing l can fully turn my head now